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Press Proofs
Advertisers will receive one color press proof for every page. You will have two days to review your proofs and send them back. Press proofs will be sent via FedEx and must be returned via overnight express service.

Technical Specifications
Upon receipt of your reservation deposit and contract we will send you complete technical specifications.

  • TRIM SIZE/BLEED: Full page trim is 6" x 12" (vertical). Three-postcard trim is 3-7/8" x 6" (horizontal). If your images bleed, you must allow 1/8" beyond the page trim, and/or 3/16" between postcards.

  • DIGITAL FILES: Your graphic designer may provide a digital file for your CUSTOM page (with all high-resolution images in position). A printed digital file specification sheet will be included in your artboard package. If your photographer is using a digital camera, be sure the imagery is at a resolution of 350 dpi at 100%.

  • SLIDES: Advertiser must provide professional quality, duplicate slides. We accept 35mm, 2-1/4 or 4 x 5 format.
    Additional Charges
    Upon review of your artwork we will advise you of any additional production charges.

    Standard pattern typesetting fee (per page or card) $65

    Custom design service (per page) $195

    Additional images (4 free per page or 1 free per card) $100

    Reverse type (per page/card) $50

    Black background with reverse type (per page/card) $50

    Process color background (per page/card) $50

    4/color image background with reverse type (per page/card) $50

    Silhouette or vignetting (per image) $40

    Image insetting (per image) $50

    Additional color tints (per tint, first tint is free) $45

    "FPO" Position Prints (each) $50

    Advertiser change at Press Proof Stage (minimum) $100

    Additional on-line images (each) $25

    Artwork Extension Fee
    It is extremely important that your artwork reaches our office on time. Artwork which arrives after the artwork deadline of August 5 will be subject to a late fees. If you do take advantage of the artwork extension, please make sure your artwork is in our office by August 19, 2011.

    1-week artwork extension fee (artwork that arrives Aug. 6 - 12) $50

    2-week artwork extension fee (artwork that arrives Aug. 13 - 19) $75

    Early Postcard Delivery Option
    The Designer Jewelry Showcase 2012 book and postcards will be released in the month of February 2012. Advertisers who want to get a jump on their winter marketing may choose to make special arrangements for early postcard shipping (partial or full order - guaranteed delivery by the end of January).

    Advance order of 100 postcards (1/3 page) $50

    Advance order of 100 pages $60

    Complete early delivery of 500 postcards (1/3 page) $80

    Complete early delivery of 500 pages $140

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